Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pioneer Buttermilk Biscuits

I am a very picky biscuit baker. Over the years I  tried lots of recipes till I finally came up with one that was as good as my Granny' I was hesitant about the Pioneer Women's buscits, as the ingredients were a bit different than what I had come to decide was the best proportion. Ree's recipe, believe it or not, has less butter than my own, and less baking powder, less buttermilk, and more salt. But I determined to give it a try anyway.
I made my sour milk with lemon juice instead of the suggested vinegar (because I didn't have any white vinegar). I did have to add a little extra milk just to keep the biscuits from being too crumbly to roll out--that was the first bad sign.  I did NOT agree with what Ree said about the baking--she said be careful to bake them long enough or they will be doughy. I have always thought the opposite--be careful not to overbake or they will be dry!

Since I know my oven cooks a bit hot, I lowered the temp to 425 and only cooked my biscuits 9 minuets--and still they were a bit more brown than I like them. I kind of like biscuits to be this soft white heavenly fluff. Ree's biscuts are much more sturdy and hearty. Maybe hers are rancher biscuits and mine are city biscuits...I would not say that these are bad--they were still good enough to eat....but these are not my Granny's fluffy biscuts that I love!


Carissa said...

I had the same thoughts...these weren't so great. I also had to add a little milk to the dough, it was so crumbly. I guess I am used to my mom's perfect fluffy and airy biscuits. I wouldn't make these again. If you need some good biscuits drive to Tyler and get some from my mom! :)

Lou Ann Chae said...

Will she share her biscuit recipe with us???