Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ready for a new cookbook as we approach the holidays?

Hello Ladies!

I think there are a few of us out there that are ready to choose a new cookbook. It seems there aren't very many of you still blogging and enjoying The Best 30 minute let's move on to another cookbook! 

So...start leaving comments with what you'd like to do next! We are open for ANYTHING!   I'll put together a vote tally next Wednesday. 

Also, if you are finished with Cook a Book and would like to be removed from this blog list- please let me know. 

Keep Cooking!
Shannon Boyer

Pan Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Mustard-Maple Glaze p.238

Honestly...not a favorite of ours.  I liked the technique to cook the tenderloin, but I'm not a fan of the sweet glazes.  Maybe it's because I didn't buy the expensive, real maple syrup...

Chicken Pizzaiola with Mozarella and Pepperoni p.229

A real kid pleaser!  Brayden loved that he got to put this whole dinner together and eat pepperoni's with chicken! 

I used turkey pepperoni, jar spaghetti sauce, and low fat cheese

We've already made this one twice!

Saltimbocca p.202

Ready to eat!

This was a very easy and very delicious recipe!  I loved the sage on top, but next time, I think I might put the sage under the prosciutto so the flavor gets into the meat more-

Also, you'll see the blue specs in the 2nd picture- don't use colored toothpicks!  They leave a mark behind when you take  them  out :)

Pan Roasted Asparagus p. 230

The one thing I dont' like about this cookbook is that it's more difficult to put together a full meal- I like when you are given suggestions for sides, etc.

This pan roasted asparagus is the same recipe I use weekly, but this time I tried their toasted garlic addition and it was yummy!  A new twist!

Pork Chops with Worchestershire and Butter Sauce p.196

I'm always looking for new ways to serve "boring" pork chops and steaks- this was a very good sauce that had lots of flavor.  I think I put too much cornstarch because ours was pretty thick, but we all enjoyed the new flavor on our plain grilled pork chops.

Pasta with Garlic-Basil Cream Sauce p.161

Another very yumy pasta recipe- the sauce was delicious!  I added sliced grilled chicken breasts at the end to make it more of a complete meal for us.

Skillet Vermicelli with Chorizo Sausage and Black Beans p.150

For those of you who enjoy spicy foods, this ones for you!  This tasted like Mexican Spaghetti but it was way to spicy for my family.  I didn't even put 1/2 tsp of adobo chiles in it. 

I did like that you toasted the vermicelli so when it was cooked in the sauce, it didn't get"mushy" like their skillet spaghetti recipe.

Skillet Chili Mac p.147

This was very good!  Very easy to make, pretty healthy by using wheat noodles and low fat cheese- I did double or even triple the amount of chile powder I used to make it taste more like the chili flavor we like. 

Skillet Steak Fajitas p.125

I am not a fan of the pre-marinated packaged steak or chicken fajita meat, so I was excited to try this 30 minute quick fajita recipe.  The flavor was very good.  I did enjoy eating "good" flank steak meat.  But...the downside for all of us was the meat was still very chewy and not very tender at all. 

I'm still on a search for a good fajita meat recipe :)