Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Egg-in-the-hole and Basic Breakfast Potatoes

Since the PW went over all of the potential names for her Egg-in-the-hole recipe, we call this recipe Dippy Eggs because you can dip the toasted cut-out in the egg. For the breakfast potatoes, I added eggs instead of sausage or bacon, and added mushrooms and spring onions. A yummy and fast dinner.
Egg-in-the-hole (page 46) and Basic Breakfast Potatoes (page 48)

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Emily Kilian said...

Darby, that's a good idea for a breakfast-for-dinner dinner. Growing up we called eggs cooked like this Dippin' Eggs. In fact, I thought everyone called them this and ordered a dippin' egg at a restraunt one time in college, needless to say the waitress gave me a funny look.