Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

While waiting for the mechanic to call I decided to make this ewey-gooey delight.  I cut the recipe by half and still got 30 rolls!  (Thank goodness for friends that live around the corner!)
I only got through making the dough portion before he called so I put the dough in the fridge and didn't touch it again until this morning.  No punching down was necessary for me.  This morning before church I finished this delight.  I didn't use as much butter as was called for and they taste fine.  Next time I might cut down on the sugar in the filling too.  The icing is great; however I will add a bit more coffee next time.  There is a hint of it in the flavor and I would love to draw it out a bit more.
**Make sure you pinch the dough together well.  As you can see I got one crazy looking one. It was an end piece and it just fell apart. 

Overall, this is a yum dish, but time consuming.  I probably won't make these again until the holiday or having over or out visiting friends/family.  I imagine this to be a nice crowd pleaser.

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Carissa said...

This is alot of cinnamon rolls for a half batch. They look great, one of those would taste great on this cold morning. I love that you can divide it up overnight. Makes it not seem like so much work.