Monday, February 15, 2010

Cowboy Calzone

In the past, I have only made pizza type calzones, so this one sounded very interesting to us.  We liked them very much.  I was a bit hesitant using Hot breakfast sausaage, as we do not like very spicy foods, but the little bit of hot was good when mixed with the plain hamburger meat.  I thought it was very interesting she didn't use any extra spices.

I did add an extra step and drained the meat in a strainer so it wasn't too "liquidy" in the calzone
I was only making calzones for 2 of us, so I made 6 calzones total and wrapped three in saran wrap and foil, labeled them and froze them for a quick lunch or dinner. 


The extra dough I made individual cheese pizzas for my 18mth old son.  Unfortunetly, he was not a fan- oh well! 

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