Monday, February 8, 2010

Cowboy Calzone

As stated in my previous post I made the Cowboy Calzones for the Super Bowl last night. They were yummy...we gave them an 8.5 as well. I followed the recipe exactly except that I made 9 instead of 8. Look how big they are! I will definitely only do 1/2 the recipe next time. We even had to throw away a bit of the meat mixture b/c there wasn't any dough left.

We baked our 1st batch about 18min and the 2nd one 15min.....if I'm remembering correctly! I know it was longer than the suggested time.

We ate ours with pizza sauce b/c we thought that would be good and Daniel said they needed it....he wanted want one plain. But if you're a cowboy on the go then sauce really isn't an option!!

And I'm eating one leftover as I type this and it's just as good! (thank goodness since we have 6 more!)

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