Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On the PW blog this is referred to as "The Best Lasagna. Ever"! I wouldn't go that far but it is good....we gave it a 9! Daniel's complaint was that it wasn't very saucy it was more meaty.

I followed more of the blog recipe. It wasn't to different but she uses sliced mozarella cheese and dried herbs. I also halved the recipe except for the hamburger meat I used 1.11lb b/c that was the smallest one they had. And I would say that worked out perfectly with halving everything else. We like the addition of the sausage and don't be afraid to use the hot....I was at first but went for it and you can't even tell it's "hot".

My one complaint is it's VERY cheesey and I love cheese! It calls for the mozerella on both layers but next time I'm just going to put it on one.

A good tip she put on her blog and it actually said it on the lasgna noodle box was to lie them flat once you shock them in the cold water. PW says use tin foil and the box said a towel...I used tin foil and paper towels on top and it worked wonderfully! Then I used the foil to cover it when we put it in the fridge so it wasn't wasteful.

Another good tip from the noodle box was to add a tbsp of olive oil to the pan and put the noodles in one at a time until they are flexible and then add the next one. This worked like a champ none of mine broke or stuck together!! Oh, and it only takes 8 noodles unless you really like noodles then you could probably do 10 if you overlap them a lot.

Finished product - we got about 7 servings I would say!

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