Monday, February 15, 2010

Comfort Meatballs

Lillian, my 4 year old was so excited to help scoop the meatballs. They were very fast to mix up, I did that in my stand mixer so I didn't have to get my hands yucky. I got about 45 1 inch balls. Below are the little beauties browning up. I'm still not sure what the flour coating was for, but it did make them stay together nicely, and hold their shape.
Here is the finished product below! They were quite yummy, I will definitely make again, actually I have made them twice. The 2nd time I made them larger and bought little soft rolls and made little tiny meatball sandwiches. Those were a HUGE hit! They might just be my new staple potluck dish. They travel well in a crock-pot.

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