Friday, February 5, 2010

Egg-in-a-hole Sandwich

Wow! This sandwich is so easy to make and SO good! I was afraid that my son (3.5 years) wouldn't eat his because the yolk was still a little bit runny (I cooked the sandwich for quite a while, but still not enough to completely set the yolk), but he gobbled the whole thing up. I used a lot less butter than recommended (I actually used a spread instead of butter), and it was still delicious (I stole a bite or two when Ethan wasn't looking). :) Lots of thumbs up on this recipe as well!


Janice Johnson said...

Cathy, ask Matthew if he remembers me making these for him when he was little? David grew up eating these from his mom, and he showed me how to make them right after we got married, and I sometimes made them for the kids. David got a big kick out of seeing the recipe in the PW cookbook when I showed it to him! He thought his mom was the inventor of Egg in a Hole!

Cathy Johnson said...

Janice, I asked Matt about whether he remembers you making him egg-in-a hole sandwiches when he was little and his response was that he doesn't have a strong memory of it, but it does sound familiar. I'm sorry it didn't evoke a more detailed memory for him! It's fun to think that I'm passing along that tradition to his son, though! :)