Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

Little did the PW know that she was going to be in a cooking duel since chicken pot pie is a staple in our house. It being such a HUGE favorite, I have baked many and practically perfected the accepted recipe in our house. I was interested to see how this recipe would be received, though I still couldn’t help myself and added a few of my own variations. I substituted milk for the heavy cream, and completely omitted the wine. To save time on my own chicken pot pie recipe I never cook the chicken (and I wasn’t about to start with this recipe); instead I buy one of the pre-made chickens at Kroger (in the savory flavor), which typically yields 2 ½- 3 cups of chicken and I include it all. I also don’t make my own pie crust unless it’s a holiday or special occasion (a personal rule), so I used a premade pie crust. I have always seen chicken pot pie with a bottom crust and a top crust covering the ooey gooey chicken goodness, but the PW only had the top crust. Of course I couldn’t have just one, so I used a top and a bottom pie crust so it was more like a pocket. While baking, I recommend putting a baking sheet on the shelf below the pot pie, just in case it starts to bubble over. We could tell a difference between the PW’s recipe and mine, but it wasn’t a bad difference. Like everything we have tried so far, it was really delicious. I think the only reason I would stick with my recipe is because mine seems to be a bit faster.
Here are all of the ingredients…looks a bit like a Kroger advertisement, doesn’t it? Chicken Pot Pie page 126

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