Friday, February 5, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

I only did half of this recipe, and it was still too much for our little family (2 grown-ups, 2 kiddos). So, I refrigerated the leftovers, and they actually tasted just fine the next day (according to my hubby). In terms of preparing them, I pretty much followed the recipe word-for-word, but I did reduce the amount of potatoes. I didn't have time to make Ree's breakfast potatoes (but I will definitely do so after Carissa and Janice's rave reviews!), so I used frozen hash browns (the shredded ones) and I just sprinkled a small amount onto the sausage and red bell pepper straight from the freezer. I didn't want to overwhelm the burritos with too many potatoes, and I really liked the result. Overall, we were very happy with this recipe and will definitely make it again!

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