Saturday, February 13, 2010

Edna Maes Sour Cream Pancakes

Well yesterday I forgot to thaw what I was going to make out so I had to make something that didn't require any meat!

I had sour cream and bacon (b/c you can't have pancakes w/o bacon!) so I decided to try out PW sour cream pancakes. They were good....we gave them a 9-10. I might have overstirred them but they still came out tasty. We have an Alton Brown recipe we really like and we both decided they were equally as good.
We used a griddle so sorry Darby no cast iron tips for you. But they did take longer than she recommended on each side but they may have been b/c I didn't have my griddle hot enough not sure......
We got 7 pancakes about the size of the picture and we ate them all!! They were thin. So if your serving more than 2 you'll probably need to do a double batch.

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