Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Breakfast Potatoes

I'm gonna kick off our new cookbook with a breakfast dish!

These potatoes were great! I felt very pioneer-ish cooking in my cast iron skillet. I was worried I'd have a mess with potatoes sticking to the pan, but with all that bacon grease it wasn't a problem! :) I didn't plan enough time ahead to bake the potatoes in the oven, so I microwaved them whole and they worked perfectly. My mom was in town when I made these and her comment was..." you could sell these in a restaurant." I will definitely make again...and I thought Ree's idea of serving them with dinner as a potato side dish was a good idea too. I used red onion...I think red pepper would have been a pretty and a tasty addition.
Ok, I posted the first one...let's see what you guys have out there! Anyone else taken a crack at being a Pioneer?

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