Monday, February 8, 2010

Skillet Cornbread and Onion Strings

Hi :) Darby invited me to join in with all of you since I am cooking my way through PW as well. So, thanks for letting me share!

Saturday I decided to go easy since we were snowed in again and I didn't have but so many ingredients in the house. (I didn't honestly believe we were going to get snow again and decided against a trip to the store)
I made onion strings for munchies, and although they were rather tasty both my husband and I determined next time I will need to add more breading.

Saturday night I made my homemade chili and made the iron skillet corn bread for a side. It was delish, however if you are looking for a sweet corn bread, this is not going to be it. I will also add that I had some left over’s on Sunday and I think it was almost better the following day. It still had a great moist texture and I felt the flavor stood out a bit more. One thing I noticed was that this corn bread was not overly crumbly either which was great.


Carissa said...

Anne, it is so nice to have you join us all the way from Virginia! Snow sounds fun...especially with a big bowl of chili to curl up with! We look forward to getting to know you.

Janice Johnson said...

I am going to try this cornbread tonight to take with soup to my neice that just had a baby. Anne--how fun to have someone else on the blog who doesnt live in Houston! I live in Tyler, about 3 1/2 hours away. So are you where they are getting the snowfall of the century?

Anne said...

Oh my goodness Janice, yes I'm in Richmond, VA and we have had 3 huge snow storms. It was the early 1980's the last time we had two storms in the same season so I have been in hibernation. Thank goodness for cooking to keep me busy!
Thanks for the welcome Carissa! I am hoping our possible move to Houston works out as I am a bit excited about warmer weather! :)