Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mac and Cheese (with Veggies!)

I made a modified version of this recipe. My granddaughter, Evelyn, is spending the week with me...and not eating any of her I added the steamed broccoli and cauliflower she had rejected the past couple days! I figured both of those veggies go well with a cheese sauce.
It is impossible to cook without Evelyn pulling up her stool and insisting on cooking too! This is one cooking girl, believe me! She can hear things happening in the kitchen from across the house, and she comes running to "help cook!"
When it came time to eat though, the enthusiasm just was not there...
She did take a bite--ONE bite!
Grandpops and Grandmother loved the dish! And I thought the veggies were great in with the mac and cheese!
But baby bear's mac and cheese with veggies remained untouched after the first tester bite....Oh well, Mom, sorry-- I give it my best try to feed your daughter!


Carissa said...

I think that girl of mine needs a hairclip! Yup, she is my picky eater...poor thing goes without dinner most nights since momma wont cook a seperate meal just for her! :) Thanks for trying!
Did you think it was too much mustard like others have said? Just curious.

Janice Johnson said...

(Ev just got out of the bathtub, so her hair was still drying--so no hairclip yet...)With no dinner last night, this morning when Evelyn got up, the first thing she said was, "I want pancakes....and waffles...and scrambled eggs...and bacon...and cereal with milk. I told her I had made blueberry muffins, so she added that to the list too. Then she said, "I am a hungry girl." I told her that is what happens when you don't eat your supper!

I thought the mustard in the mac and cheese was fine. However, I am afraid I did not measure anything in the recipe. I was using up the last of a box of dry macaroni(which I forgot to measure) I just made the sauce with whatever amounts seemed right to me.:) I do agree with LouAnne that fresh mustard is much stronger flavored than 6 month old dry mustard.