Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cowboy Calzone

What a better way to start off the week than cooking my first dish from the newest cookbook, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks". I decided to cook the Cowboy Calzone for dinner and it was very good! In my opinion, this dish would also make an excellent breakfast dish. To help save some time, I made the cheese mixture earlier in the day and just left it in the refrigerator till I started cooking. I did add a little extra of both shredded cheeses than what the recipe calls for because my son loves cheese. Also, as I was cooking the meat mixture, I added a little garlic powder too. Our family thinks garlic makes everything better. :) After making the eight calzones, there was still a lot of the meat mixture left. So I made some more crust (self-rising flour, salt, water) while the calzones were cooking and created a casserole with the left- over meat. Then while we ate, I cooked the casserole. After it cooled, I refrigerated it. We had this for dinner the following night. I topped off the casserole with marina sauce and served it with a salad. One recipe turned into two yummy meals. Now that is my kind of cooking! My husband and son liked both versions of the dish, so I will definitely be making it again.

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Carissa said...

Hey there is nice to have you join us...we love meeting new faces! I love your creativity with doing the two dinners.