Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Iny's Prune Cake with Buttermilk Icing

This cake is delicious! The caramel icing is awesome and the cake is really moist just like PW says! I have no objection to prunes, in fact, I actually like them! I had bigger chunks of prunes in the cake which didn't bother me but if you are trying to hide the fact that they are in there, mash/chop them finely and no one will ever know!

I made the mistake of leaving the cookbook open on the counter so when my 13 year old saw what was in the cake she wasn't very interested in trying a piece. Had a small bite and said it was okay but I suspect if she hadn't known what was in the cake she would have really liked it!

I'll hide the cookbook and give it the husband test tonight!


Carissa said...

So...what did the hubby say?

Janice Johnson said...

Funny about the prunes--when my kids were little, I sent little baggies of prunes in their lunch to school--so they never thought they were weird, (even though other kids would ask if they were eating roaches!ha!)

Lou Ann Chae said...

Husband really liked it! Even though my 13 year old told him it had prunes in it before he tasted it!