Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Angel Sugar Cookies

I made these cookies yesterday just because and they were yummy! I think that is a trend with her food!!yummo!

She put a note at the end that they do not travel well and they are meant to be eaten at home and I can see this b/c they are fragile....they kinda just melt in your mouth!

I didn't use a glass to push them down because I already had a spatula dirty so I just used that and it worked. Then I just sprinkled sugar on them with a spoon. But the majority of them got a cinnamon-sugar mixture, which we liked a bit more.

I made 15 cookies and then froze the rest of the dough which will give me atleast 15 more cookies....not sure how big she's making hers to only get 18 because as you can see mine are really large!


AFTER - as you can see they sure did expand!! I was not expecting that!!
We gave these a 10! They were super easy to make and very yummy.

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