Saturday, February 13, 2010

Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Peach Crisp, & Snow

Tonight, I made yum steak dinner with a side of PW's creamy mashed potatoes. I got a little heavy handed with the salt but they were still very good.   As you can see they were attacked by hungry people before I got a chance to grab the camera!

I also made PW's Peach Crisp.
I can not tell you enough about the Peach Crisps except it is amazing. It is utterly amazing. I took a bite to see if it was done right out of the oven with out the maple cream. Mmm, the tartness of the peaches along side the sweetness of the crisp. What an amazing combination. (I won't lie; I love fruit in my desserts especially tart apples or peaches.) Then for good measure, I took another spoonful with my maple cream. HOLY BATMAN! I was done.
-- As you can see, my cream didn't exactly turn out white in color. I think that was due to me not having actual maple syrup so I used regular syrup with a few dashes of maple extract. As you can see from my above statements it was still incredible.
**I am also attaching a few photos of Richmond snow that Carissa requested... the first is of our townhome with a mound that was about 6' tall.  The second is out my front door. 
BTW- they are calling for more tomorrow (Sunday and Monday).

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Carissa said...

Love that last picture...looks like a postcard! I think Houston was about the only city in Texas that didn't get snow last weekend. Thanks for sharing.