Monday, September 28, 2009

Yet more roasted carrots and some asparagus thrown in!

I really don't like cooked carrots but after all the buzz about these roasted carrots I decided to give them a try.
They were good!
Just in case they weren't edible, I decided to do asparagus as well. Ina loves to roast those vegetables! The asparagus recipe is from another of her cookbooks but same technique. Omit the dill, toss a little Parmesan on top after it roasts, and you have another roasted vegie recipe. Asparagus only needs to cook 10 minutes so I added them to the pan after the carrots had cooked half way. Carrots probably would have been even better with fresh dill but I just used dried dill weed as I forgot to purchase the fresh dill.
My 17 year old son even ate those cooked carrots and liked them!! I think he was starving after football practice and would have eaten anything but still.

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Carissa said...

Good idea on the spacing of the cook times on the veggies. I might try some asparagus that way.