Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some blog info you should know....

I noticed that alot of you have saved "drafts" that you haven't published yet. A little tid-bit on this...when you do publish your draft, it will be published in the order it was saved. So, if I saved a draft last Friday...and then publish it today it wont show up at the top of the blog, it will show up back with everything else that was published Friday...and all the Saturday and Sunday stuff will be at the top of the blog. It is all done chronologically. (at least this is the case in two posts that I have done)

For the rest of us, we should just back track several days every once in a while to make sure we didn't miss a post. There could be some good info that is hidden under another post.
Amy, if you know a way to change this let us know.

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