Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Roasted Veggies - Brussels Sprouts & Carrots

I too figured since I was going to have my oven at 400° I should roast as many things as I possible... so I tried Brussels sprouts (a favorite of mine) and carrots. Like Lou Ann, I started the sprouts early, then added the carrots 20 minutes later. I only bought a pound of the Brussels sprouts but scaled the recipe down and they were absolutely perfect! Husband & mom liked them and kids both ate what I told them to, even if it wasn't their first choice. They reminded me of the Brussels sprouts Central Market sells, but they were hot and tasty and fully cooked - CM's always seem to be mostly raw. I made the full recipe of carrots (shame on me for buying the 10# bag at Costco...), which was almost 2 pounds of carrots, and I too found them a little on the salty side, especially since the rest of the meal was well salted. But everyone else liked them, along with the (baked) sweet potatoes and (baked) onion crusted chicken. A whole meal in the oven!

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Janice Johnson said...

I am quite interested to try those brussel sprouts--still can't quite imagine the "crispy" part of them...But I may have to pick some up in Houston, as I don't think Tyler has them very often...why do you get more food than us???