Monday, September 28, 2009

Shortbread Hearts

They don't look awful do they?

Ryan (3) took one bite and said, "This is yucky for my tummy."

I stifled a laugh, so my husband added, "Ryan, I tend to agree with you."

I responded, "You, haven't even tried them, yet."

My husband, "Honey, yes I did try one earlier."

I can't control my laughter at this point, so Ryan decides to jump back in with, "It will make my tummy sick."


Lou Ann Chae said...

I think they look good!!

Carissa said...

I wish I had a kid that took a bite of a cookie and then said it was yucky for her tummy!!! You have trained him up right! :)
They look good to me.

Ruth Stubbs said...

My mother-in-law actually said they were delicious. I gave her 3 (one for each person in her house), and my father-in-law said she ate all of them and didn't share. She made me feel so much better.

I should have added that my daughter scraped the sugar off the top and wouldn't eat hers either. :)