Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outrageous Brownies

Frances finally got her wish! I made the outrageous brownies!!

All I know is she is young, she is active and she burns through calories as quickly as she consumes them. She had a big square!

Not so for me!

These brownies are outrageous because they contain a pound of butter, two pounds of chocolate and almost a pound of walnuts.

I ate a tiny square (so I can get my jeans zipped tomorrow) and it was outrageously good!

Ina says to cut into 20 squares and you could easily cut these into 40 decent sized squares.

These brownies were made to be shared...I think my sons varsity football team can use the calories ... I'll be sharing with them!


Jenny said...

Wow. That sounds horrible for me, and fabulous. I need to work off the cake first.

Carissa said...

Ina does seem to overdo the portion sizes. Those sound great...wish I could have one of your surplus brownies right now!

Lou Ann Chae said...

Carissa - feel free to stop by and have a brownie - have plenty to share. I'm near Memorial and Voss - maybe you are close! Today at lunch, Frances' friends had a fight over the last bite of brownie. Will send some extra in her lunch tomorrow for her to share!