Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cheddar Corn Chowder

My husband asked me at 5:00 last night if we could feed his parents dinner. He should have known when I readily agreed that I had an ulterior motive, cooking a new recipe for someone that might actually eat it. I'd bought the ingredients for the Cheddar Corn chowder, so that was my pick. I only used one onion. I'm not a big onion fan, but I remembered an earlier post that said without the onion and bacon it was bland. I also left out the bacon but not on purpose. I was sure I had bacon, so I didn't buy any at the store this weekend. It turned out that all of our bacon had been eaten sometime last week.

Both of my in-laws said it was tasty, and they even took a bowl home to Grandaddy because they said he would like it. My husband and kids would not try it because of the onion. My father-in-law complained that he couldn't find any onions in his bowl. (He really likes onions). Overall, this recipe is not going to become a favorite of mine, but I will remember it fondly since other people actually ate it and liked it.

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Carissa said...

Too funny about the onions...it is hard to make everyone happy. I have seen on the Food Network where they grate the onion to hide it more...you get the flavor but not the texture. I wonder how that would do in this recipe?