Thursday, September 24, 2009

Roasted Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes

Hi everyone! I finally got started with the cooking club this week, and I decided to start off with the roasted carrots and the fingerling potatoes (which I served with parmesan-crusted chicken breasts). Both were incredibly easy to prepare and tasted delicious! The only thing I would change the next time I prepare either of these two dishes is the amount of olive oil I use. I was not preparing as much food as the recipe called for, so I had to guess at the right amount of olive oil, and I overshot the mark a little bit, especially on the carrots. Nevertheless, both dishes were very yummy (my three year-old son, Ethan, scarfed the carrots!) and I have a feeling these will become staples in the Johnson household. LOVED the dill on the carrots!


Janice Johnson said...

Hey--my other daughter-in-law! I have been wondering where a person buys fingerling potatoes--did you get those at a normal grocery store, or Central Market? I am not sure I have seen those here in Tyler...maybe I will have to pick some up in Houston. That looked like a great meal. I am sure Matthew like it!

Cathy Johnson said...

I was surprised, but I was able to find them at my Kroger. They've kind of fancied the place up to compete with the new HEB/Central Market across the street, so that could account for the availability of fingerling potatoes. They only come in a little bag, but it was more than enough for the four of us. Matt did like the meal (though he definitely commented on the over-abundance of olive oil!). :)