Monday, September 28, 2009

Another Baked Virginia Ham and More Roasted Carrots!

Well, I've had my cookbook for several weeks now and I'm just now getting around to cooking something. You see, I do not this whole experience should be a real challenge for me! My husband has been the family cook since the day we got married...I'm a lucky girl! Since leaving my job as a pharmacist to stay at home with our new baby boy (he's 6 weeks old), I promised myself (and the hubby) that I would start cooking more. It only makes sense, right? Right... Anyway, I am still adjusting to motherhood so I can't guarantee a deep commitment to this cooking business, but I am going to give it a shot!

For my first attempt, I chose to make the Baked Virginia Ham on page 119. Shannon already made this, so I basically followed her lead and bought a pre-sliced ham from HEB that weighed 2.5 lbs. I also halved the remaining ingredients...or so I thought! I actually forgot to use half of the orange zest...oops!! Our ham was very orangey (sp?) so I really wasn't too crazy about it. I think the hubby was on the same page as me. It was edible, though and we did eat the leftovers for lunch today. I wonder if I would have liked it more had I used less zest. Hmm? Also, I did not use fresh garlic...we had some minced garlic in the fridge so I used that to make things easier...don't know if that changed anything significantly. It says to bake for 1 hour, but I think it could have gone longer to brown the glaze even more. The recipe calls for mango chutney and I have no idea what that is. It looked weird. I will say that this recipe is very easy since all you do is mix everything in the food processor, pour it over the ham, and bake it.

For our side, I made the tried and true Roasted Carrots from page 149. I am not a fan of cooked carrots, but I really like these. They were just crisp enough and not too mushy like cooked carrots normally are. This was my first time using kosher salt to cook anything, but I notice that most of Ina's recipes call for it so I am prepared to cook the rest of the book now!

Here are my pictures:


Haylee said...

I'm really impressed Morgan!:) You go girl! I bet it was delicious.

Carissa said...

Good job have the youngest baby of us (that I know of) if you have time to dive into the kitchen, then surely the rest of us can too!