Monday, March 7, 2011

Skinny Janes (page 121)

Considering that we’re women, I thought I should change the name :-) I made the “skinny” variation of the Sloppy Joes using the leaner meat. For the tomato puree, I purchased a 14.5oz can of diced, unsalted tomatoes, drained & pureed them in a food processor. In the third step, it says to add water, but I would omit that if you’re trying to get this on the table in 30 minutes. With the water the sauce was really runny (runnier than Sloppy Joes, or Sloppy Janes, are supposed to be), but with some time on heat, the sauce did thicken up. All in all though, I think this was another one-time recipe; we just weren’t big fans.

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