Friday, March 18, 2011

Chicken & Rice with Broccoli & Cheddar (pg.108)

This dish was SUPER EASY to make and my husband and I both thought it tasted very good. It is by no means "gourmet" or as mouth-watering as some of our Barefoot Contessa or PW dishes, but we will definitely make this again. I would also say that this is a kid/toddler-friendly meal, but MY toddler would only eat the chicken. He doesn't really like rice, so he spit it right out. (but I think most non-picky eaters would eat this). I do think it could use more cheese, though. It only calls for one cup of shredded cheddar, so if you love cheese like me, you could add more! The recipe also calls for 1 teaspoon of Tobasco, and although I could taste a hint of it, it did not make it spicy/hot at all. I have made a broccoli and cheddar rice casserole before that had diced up jalepenos (the kind in the jar or can...not fresh) and I really like that "kick" that it adds, so I might actually add some of those next time I make this dish to give it a different flavor.

Overall, very tasty!

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