Saturday, March 26, 2011

Simple Pan-Seared Pork Chops P. 208 & Warm Cherry Tomato Relish P. 198, 30-Minute Roasted Red Potatoes P. 208

This was a yummy dinner last night. Definitely not 30 minutes! It took about 50 minutes and there was a huge mess to clean up after we ate. So, it wasn't even one of those meals that you can at least clean up while it cooks.

The pork chops were good. Mine were maybe a touch dry but that's because my thermometer is broken apparently so I was guessing on the cook time. I think I did the 2nd side the 10 minutes. I also used thick boneless chops. The grease does splatter A LOT so if you don't like a messy greasy stove top then I wouldn't recommend this recipe. I even used a splatter screen.

The tomato relish was very yummy. The only bad thing is I think the garlic and rosemary get a little burnt with the high heat. The relish helped with the fact that the pork was a touch dry.

The potatoes were good as well. I did the garlic rosemary version since I had rosemary from the tomatoes. They were pretty easy so I would make them again. Our son, Isaiah, loved them! He'd already eaten earlier and he was wanting them as we were eating!

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