Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simple Sauteed Chicken Breasts P. 191 & Red Wine Sauce P. 196 & Skillet Green Beans P. 233

Oh my goodness!! This was quite the dinner last night! I was all optimistic about cooking my chicken breasts without pounding them because they did a good job explaining the technique of higher heat on the first side and lower heat on the second. But medium high is way to high heat for the first side. It was really and I mean really blackened! Our house was filling up with smoke like crazy. In the end they came out ok once we cut off the black side but they were pretty cold by the time we ate. It was just a bad night of cooking. We started at 7 and didn't eat until 8.30....arghh!

The sauce was the saving grace! Daniel always does our sauces and he did this once to perfection! It was great. I can imagine PW saying she would eat it by the spoonful!:) He said he was unsure about adding the brown sugar but it didn't taste sweet by any means. He also mentioned that he simmered it probably 10 minutes. Oh, and we used white wine instead of red. We also made mashed potatoes and the gravy was so yummy with them. Daniel went back for second of just the potatoes with sauce!

The green beans were really good too. Another saving grace! I'm not the biggest fan of fresh green beans but these were really yummy. I will definitely make them again. I think we simmered ours 20 min...they weren't quite done at the 15 min mark. I'd be curious to know if anyone tries dried thyme...buying a full thing for just 1/2tsp is a waste in my opinion. Or if anyone knows how long fresh thyme keeps or how to store it I'd appreciate the tips.

All in all this was a good meal. I just wish we would have ate sooner and our chicken wasn't cold but I don't think we prepped enough so that was more our fault. Daniel said he would make again even though there were A LOT of dirty dishes.

As you can imagine there is NO picture. I just was ready to eat!!

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Morgan said...

interesting that you had that problem with the chicken...I don't remember having that issue. I am making it again this week, though so I'll see how it goes! It's been a while since we first made it. We loved the white wine sauce also!