Friday, March 4, 2011

Crispy Chicken Fingers ~ page 200

These were very good, just not very good for you! :) The coating was very crispy! I think if you were really rushing around you could maybe make these in 30 minutes, but it would be tight! But you know what?...the cleanup took 30 minutes! Seriously...I had 3 different containers for the flour, egg and breadcrumb dipping stations, plus flour and breadcrumbs everywhere, granted some of this is from having kids helping me, but then I had a raw chicken container, then a greasy cooked chicken baking sheet, plus the skillet, and that is only half the mess...I had to scrub the splattered grease off the stove top and other burners! Guess I need to get a grease splatter screen! All that to say, they were good, but alot of trouble. It took 3 batches of frying to get them all done. (this is a great way to season a cast iron skillet!)

I think I would make them again, just not right away. My house needs to air out...I woke up to a greasy smelling house this morning. Next time I will season the breadcrumbs and flour...the recipe just says to season the raw chicken pieces, I thought it needed a bit more. The recipe does say that you can freeze the extra cooked strips and microwave them for one minute for a quick snack. I tried this at lunch today and it actually was really convenient! They were even crispy when they came out of the microwave. I have to go finish my lunch....--Carissa

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