Sunday, March 13, 2011

Creamy Skillet Penne w/ Mushrooms and Asparagus p. 143

This was good. However it took 50 minutes to cook and I think it probably would have taken longer if I didn't have Daniel help me out in a crunch. I didn't cut up all my veggies so I had him help stir and put some stuff in while I frantically cut up something...don't remember what. I also just didn't have time to mince the garlic so I just crushed it with a garlic masher. So, if you will not have a hubby around to help out in the middle you may want to have everything cut and ready before you start b/c once it gets going it gets going and you keep adding stuff left and right!

I would also add in some cooked chicken breast at the end when adding in the asparagus....just because I like having a protein.

We would make this again but it was an expensive meal b/c the wine was $9 and the porcini mushrooms were $5. So, if you have wine on hand for something else then it won't be quite so much.

But it was good just a lot of work...I would love to know if anyone did it in 30 minutes from start to finish.

oh well, I actually have a pic of this one but it's not letting me put the picture when I hit the button so I'll just post it without....sorry!

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