Saturday, November 14, 2009

Roasted Eggplant Spread

Funny, now that I type it in I realize this wasn't a dip so much as a spread. That's exactly what my husband thought of it, when I served it as a dip with crackers. He said it was good but he thought it would be more appropriate on a sandwich, like a muffaletta. Or with pita bread like she said.

The veggies roasted quite nicely and since I'm obsessed with eggplant, I loved it! It was creamy and flavorful, and I can't wait to use the rest. However, I noticed that my dinner guests didn't eat much of it, so it might just be for veggie lovers like me and my husband.

I also roasted some Brussels sprouts (for like the billionth time) and set them out as appetizers, so that the sprout-haters didn't have to turn them down at meal time, or feel bad that they didn't finish their plate. But all my guests tasted them and agreed that they were amazing (one girl actually said "these are amazing!!"). I cannot say enough about the roasted Brussels sprouts.

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