Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beets with Orange Vinaigrette

These beets were not as repulsive as my father-in-law (Janice's husband) made them out to be!! I used balsamic vinegar, and my orange segments kinda disappeared into it all, but I thought they tasted pretty good. Maybe I came into it with no preconceived ideas of what beets should taste like, but it made me want to experiment with beets more. I may come back to this recipe, but not before I try out several other recipes first.

When I chopped the tops off my beets I felt vaguely certain that people eat beet greens.. so I sautéed them in in butter with some garlic and they were so very tasty (if you like greens of course). They tasted similar to mustard greens but had the cool looking red veins so they felt fancy!

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Janice Johnson said...

well that is interesting with the greens! The only beet I have ever liked (and I like almost everything)is when in Borsch--a Russian beet soup. They ate this soup when we lived in Canada and it was the first time I had liked a beet. I would recomend this soup for your beet experiment. Did the boys like Ina's beets? I had Carissa's girls here when I made it and I could not get either one to take a bite. When I tried to get Lilly to just eat the oranges, she refused, because of the "red stuff" on them. I would have thought a kid would think the red was pretty!