Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crab Cakes

I planned on doing 4 recipes last week because I knew Thanksgiving week would be crazy! But, only got 3 of them accomplished :)

I made crab cakes with grilled asparagus last week. I was reluctant to buy the crab meat and even (gasp) thought about using imitation crab meat- but I found an 8 0z. container of Kroger brand meal crab meat on sale for $7.99 so I splurged!

I had remembered reading from a couple of you that the crab cakes were very moist and didn't stay together very well. To cope with that, I doubled the amount of crab cakes in the mix and patted each crab cake with bread crumbs before putting them in the pan. Ours stayed together very nicely!

Another hint I will do next time is to drain the cooked veggie mix before you put it in the crab mix. I don't think it needed the extra liquid.

Also, make sure your oil is VERY hot before putting the crab cake in.

I love remoulade sauce (from Pappas Seafood Restaurant), so I gave this one a try. It was okay- Danny even ate a little of it. It could be that the pickles I used were dill hamburger slices (hey- it's what I had at home) Brayden loved what little I gave him, mainly because he was getting to dip something :)

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