Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maple Oatmeal Scones

"What is that for?"


"There's that much butter in scones?? That's disgusting. I don't want any scones."

Yes, my husband had discovered what nearly every other blogger has already posted about - the enormous and somewhat ungodly amounts of butter in Ina's recipes. My co-workers loved them, however. At least, I received plenty of compliments. I made the full recipe and had leftovers, even after Fat Friday, but I think that had more to do with the amount of food at Fat Friday rather than the scones themselves... I brought them to the next gathering of teachers and had a friend ask for the recipe. I told her about the blog and cookbook project and said I could give her the recipe... but she wouldn't like it.

"What do you mean? They taste great! I love the maple."

"Well, they're not great for you."

I said she could probably try substituting other things for some of the butter...

I did find the dough very sticky. I couldn't cut shapes or circles or anything with the gloopy mess, so I scooped it onto the parchment paper with a 1/4 cup measuring cup. Then I sliced the oddly formed circular blobs, once cooked, into fourths to serve. My unenthusiastic husband said that they looked like oatmeal cookies. They did, a little. The other complaint was that they were dry, but I explained that scones are usually dry. I thought the glaze helped a lot with the dryness and made them quite edible. He refused to have more than a 1/4 of one, suggesting that if I didn't make so many recipes from this book, we wouldn't run out of butter so fast.


Janice Johnson said...

ok, now that is a funny butter comment from your hubby--mine regulary says, "But we just bought butter!" I stocked up on 7 big fat lbs. of it last week just so I would not have to keep running back for butter! (it was on sale..)

Carissa said...

I remember when I made these that I tried to cut mine into cute shapes, but the dough was just too soft too. I have been thinking of trying to make a low-fat version of these. We will see how that works out.