Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beets with Orange Vinaigrette (Beets me why Ina likes these...)

I made this recipe because my husband has wanted beets for years and years, and I would not buy them. But being the nice wife I am, I decided if Ina thought beets were worthy of eating, maybe I should fix them for hubby as a treat. I hunted down, going to 2 grocery stores, and bought one beet—that is all I had the never to fix.

Well, beets are very messy things to work with and to eat. I think this must be where some type of red/fuchsia dye comes from. My hands were stained for most of the day after peeling my simmered beet. I made the salad and put it in the fridge to sit a day and become wonderful. My husband quietly ate a good helping of this beet salad, and I ate a bit, and then asked him what he thought. His only comment was not to make them again. I guess the wonderful part did not happen….and if a beet lover says that, well….what can I add to that?

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