Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grilled Lemon Chicken with Szechuan Sauce

I only had 3 lemons so I had to pick off a bunch of fruit from our calamondin bushes... they're like lemons with an orange flavor.

Maybe my mistake was marinating overnight, but this chicken just wasn't all the great. It also took forever to grill because I had thick fillets, and I grilled them inside on a griddle on low heat for fear they would burn before the insides got cooked. We ended up slicing them lengthwise to cook the inside. They were very lemony but kinda dry. I think it was my fault, based on the other stellar reviews. Since I was serving it with the szechuan noodles, and the sauces were so similar, I just used some extra szechuan sauce instead of making the satay. That worked well.

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Carissa said...

I was here at this dinner party, and I thought the chicken was good. I liked this dipping suace better than Ina's satay sauce.