Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raspberry Tart

This tart was simple yet fancy. I've got an 11" round tart pan so I made 1.5x the dough recipe, which was a little too much, but still came out great. I took Ina's advice and let my guests top the tart with the raspberries.

My only problem was that we didn't end up getting to eat it! I think my guests were still overwhelmed with the caviar and we never made it to the tart before everyone was ready to go home. So last night my husband and I sliced ourselves big yummy slices while we cozied around the laptop for some re-runs. I am one who likes almost everything, including and especially desserts, but my husband doesn't tend to like sweets. Surprisingly, he really thought this one was great - not too sweet, and the fresh, watery raspberries complimented the buttery crust nicely. We even had more for breakfast. Only thing is to make sure you serve it at room temp if you make it ahead. It was definitely tastier, plus it was easier to cut.


Janice Johnson said...

That is absolutely beautiful.

Julia said...

it's the nature of raspberries to be beautiful! wish you were here to have a slice... we have lots left still!

Janice Johnson said...

I love it that God made our food pretty. He didn't have to, but he did anyway...amazing.