Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have always wanted to try to make meatloaf but worried I would mess it up too bad. But last night I gave it a whirl and made PW’s Meatloaf for dinner. Having a 15 month old at home, anything that I can do to save time when cooking, I will try. So I made the sauce and meat mixture earlier in the day and just kept it in the refrigerator. Actually, I found that letting the meat mixture sit for a couple of hours really allowed the flavors to set in. The sauce was very sweet to me, so I did add a lot of hot sauce to it but found it really didn’t take any of the sweetness away. I would recommend that if you do not like a sweeter sauce, to cut back on the amount of brown sugar. I found this dish not to be your typical meatloaf that your mom used to make but it was still very good. For my first time attempting meatloaf I was happy with the results as well as my husband and son. I will be making this dish again but next time I will add garlic powder as well as finely chopped onions to it.I really liked her suggestion for the aluminum foil. It made for an easy clean-up!

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Thanks for the hints! And welcome to the cook a book group!