Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blackberry Cobbler (PW's Blog #2 version)

I have been wanting to try PW's cobbler recipe since I got her cookbook but my husband does not eat things like this so I had to wait. 
Then my birthday came and my parents came over and my mom wanted to fix a cake for me.  So I opened the laptop to skim through various cake recipes because I wanted something new and different and I saw cobbler #2.  This is the sort of cobbler I was raised with- okay well this is the sort of cobbler my mom and I would make when we found wild blackberry bushes except we did it with biscuit from a can.  So I called her yesterday and asked if she would mind if we had cobbler rather than cake (I think my dad was disapointed). After church we went to lunch and came home and my mom and I began the #2 version YUM.  It was tangy and sweet and yum. :) which has a lot less dough. 
The only thing I would do differently is that I would tuck some dough in between the berries not just on top.  Thats it. 
Reminder this is a very simple recipe so if you are looking for fancy this isn't it. 
Sorry there are no photos of it open to see the berries... it looked yummy- then it was eaten. :)

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