Friday, March 5, 2010

Simple, Perfect Enchiladas with Pinto Beans

These are wonderful enchiladas--fun to make and delicious.  I did a few small changes. I used a medium enchilida sauce for a little heat (vey little).  I thought the meat needed some seasonings, so I added a few shakes of seasoned salt and cumin and black pepper. Also, to save a step, I mixed the green onions, olives, and  cheese into my meat mixture, since it was all going to the same place anyway!
The tortillas roll best if you don't put too much meat mixture in them. Which then gave me 19 tortillas, and enough meat for 2 more--but I just got tired of going back to heat more tortillas to use.
I made one pan with foil to put in the freezer.
I used 4 cups of grated cheese (PW calls for 3 cups) and I still did not think it was enough. Husband said more cheese is needed inside the enchilada.  I would say you need more like 5-6 cups of grated cheese--especially if you are making 2 dishes.
The pinto beans were great. I added a ham hock, which flavor beans so nicely all on its own. I normally pre-soak beans--but these turned out fine without that step. I did cook them a good long while--probably more like 4-5 hours. I like my beans pretty soft.

My husband was interested in the tortilla rolling--so I gave him the camera to take action shots!

Add some Spanish rice, and this is a wonderful meal! I am sure you could make these enchaladas up even a day ahead and then cook them--which would be great, as my kitchen was quite a mess by the time we ate!

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The Boyer's Brigade said...

Thanks for the tips- I am making the same things (plus the cornbread) tomorrow for family dinner-