Monday, March 15, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

So I guess I didn't use a big enough bowl for my dough to rise in the fridge in! Here it is the next morning ...spilling all over the shelf! To cut the rolls I used a trick I learned years ago from Food floss! Slip it under the roll and cross the floss on top, then pull. It cuts perfect every time, no more squished cinnamon rolls.

Here is the before and after baking pictures, they rose quite a bit! I don't have a picture of them iced. I made them a week before my in laws were coming in town, then froze them till I needed them. They all agreed that these were the best cinnamon rolls they had ever had!

The only thing I did different was to cut the whopping 2 cups of melted butter down to 1 cup. Other than that I made it by the book. None of my guests missed the other cup of butter! I will definitely make these again, I loved that you can divide up the mess and do half of the work one day and the other half of the work the next day. Makes it not feel like such a big project. I made a full batch and it filled two large rimmed cookie sheets perfectly. YUM!!! -Carissa

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The Boyer's Brigade said...

I made them this weekend too- wish I had known about the dental floss- I had squished cinnamon rolls, but they rose nicely in the fridge over night and they were yummy!