Thursday, March 25, 2010

simple and perfect enchiladas

These were good and pretty spicy despite using mild ingredients!  I thought these were a little bit better the second day, but my husband loved them and let's face it - the entire pan was gone in three days, so obviously I did too!  I made quite a few modifications to make them healthier and utilize what I had in my freezer.

1.  I used ground turkey instead of beef (couldn't really tell a difference)
2.  I used whole wheat flour tortillas (again, no major difference noticed here)
3.  I did NOT fry the tortillas.  I am a dietitian, for heaven's sake, so I have to draw the line somewhere.  I thought they turned out just as moist and delicious.
4.  I used 2% cheese.  Granted, it doesn't melt as well, but it's definitely not fat-free rubber either.  I also mixed Montery Jack and Cheddar because that's what I had on hand.

The only problem I had was I could not get the oil/flour mixture to bubble.  Perhaps I did not let the pan heat up enough with the oil?  It ended up making a paste and the result was the sauce didn't thicken.  This didn't really end up affecting the taste, but the texture, I guess.

I tend to be a Mexican food snob (living in Texas, and all) and prefer to eat my Mexican food out at Lupe's or another fine local establishment, but these were definitely tasty and quick to prepare.

For dessert, I recommend a pina colada frozen fruit bar.  Perfect way to cool off those taste buds!

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Carissa said...

Great picture Erin! I love your healthy side...when the rest of us would be serving up the rice and beans on the side of enchilladas, you serve a salad. You are great inspriation for us to cook healthier!