Monday, March 29, 2010

Pizza- Potato and Leek and Tomato and Mozzerella

Since I knew her pizza recipe made enough for 2 large pizzas, I tried both of hers Friday night. 

Potato and Leek

I was very surprised we liked this one as much as we did- such unusual flavors but they went together so well.  I had ready cooked bacon, and crumbled it, added a bit of oil and cooked it until it was very crisp.  Worked great! 

I would consider blanching the potatoes next time- they were still a bit tough for us

Tomato and Mozzerella

I loved this one!  The fresh mozzerella was to die for on it- I used Buitoni refrigerated pesto and it was yummy.

For the other pizza, I made pepperoni using spaghetti sauce and my hubby and son enjoyed it the most!

Hint for next time- don't put both pizzas in the oven at the same time, they took longer to cook and didn't crisp up as I would have liked.

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