Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pizza Dough and Brisket Come Together

I made Pw's pizza last week, and have had the second half of the dough hanging out in my fridge, so I pulled it out and let it warm back up and rise good. Then I halved it--which makes it 1/4 the recipe now. I rolled out one of the halves (or quarters, which ever you want to call it) into a small pizza. I made 2 good size flattened balls of the rest of the dough and put them on a baking sheet to rise. Then I lightly baked it all.

 The little crust I then wrapped and put in the freezer for a quick pizza some day. The 2 rolls I saved for the next day for lunch. Then I split them, and put the last of PW"s braised brisket mixed with BBQ sauce on the rolls, along with some thin Swiss cheese on both sides (for the "glue"). Then I put them on the Panini Press, after brushing the tops and bottoms with olive oil. Then I toasted them. And then hubby and I had a really good lunch!

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