Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie

I thought this was just husband thought it was great. I think my complaint is mainly just that it was too thick. It kinda had a pasty consistency. I think 1 cup of flour is too much. If I made it again I would just add 1/2 cup flour. I asked Adam what he liked about it so much and he said he liked how thick it was! So, if you like your pot pie thick where your fork can stand up in it, then this is the pie for you. I just like my a little "looser". I thought the crust was good, although it was almost too flaky if that is possible. You need to work with it gets too sticky if it warms up at all.


Lou Ann Chae said...

I didn't really like this chicken pot pie either. Thought it was too thick as well. I didn't make the crust but used puff pastry instead.

Janice Johnson said...

I cup flour does sound like way too much. A rule of thumb is the same amount of flour as fat. So with 4 tablespoons butter, I would say 4 tablespoon flour. Maybe a bit more flour with her amount of liquid, though. So I would say 1/3 cup flour max should do the trick.

Carissa--how did your pastry wind up so delicate to need to be cold, when you are using shotening, not butter?