Sunday, March 14, 2010

edna mae's sour cream pancakes, take 5?

hello everyone!  i am so excited to be part of this fun little blog!  i received PW's cookbook for my birthday this past week, so I was giddy to dive in this weekend with my first recipe and post.  and I want everyone to know that I was unabashedly made fun of by my husband and sister for taking pictures of the goods.  see if i make them pancakes again any time soon! :)

i thought these were really good.  i am a pancake person, so i feel that i have a rather experienced palette.  they were dense, but not flat - and rich but not too heavy.  does that many any sense?  i thought the sour cream was perfect.  i used light, by the way.  i think the key to this recipe is following the instructions specific to not overmixing.  i tried to follow her steps exactly, and the results were yummy!

for those of you who are blessed with a gas stove, i'm sure you didn't have to wait as long for a hot pan, but having electric, i did.  and i definitely had to cook them longer then 1.5 minutes and 75 seconds on either side (i think those are the suggestions she gives).  with a stove setting of around 4-4.5, it took a couple minutes for each side to avoid a gooey center.


Janice Johnson said...

Erin--I love your chalkboard!Do you write your menu's on it every day? I understand about the taking pictures process (my husband always says I am overdoing it!)...I have to hide that I am taking pics of the food sometimes!But actually, he is getting kind of used to it now and if he doesn't see me snap a pic, he is afraid to eat till I give him the go ahead!

Erin said...

haha - thanks for the solidarity :)

thanks about the chalkboard - it was the result of a recent crafting spree. i just found an old mirror (actually i don't think it's all that old) at goodwill, taped it off, and used chalkboard spraypaint (found it at the home depot). it was super easy to do!

at this point it's been used for random notes and some menus here and there!

Carissa said...

I think I need a little chalkboard for my could help me remember what to cook for dinner! Lots of times I stand there with the fridge open what was I gonna make?