Friday, March 5, 2010

Flat Apple Pie

Lillian loved using my Pampered Chef apple peeler, corer, slicer thingy for these pies! We had a sticky mess everywhere for days! :) I made smaller individual pies...12 total is what 2 pie crust recipes made, and the filling amount was perfect for 12 small pies also.

We took Lillian on her first real camping trip a week ago and brought some of these pies wrapped in thick foil to throw on the camp fire...YUM! They were better than out of the oven! So I don't have a campfire pic, I forgot my camera. I would make these again, but I thought the crust would have been better a little sweet. I felt like the insides were sweet and yummy, but the outside was not sweet at all...a little too much contract for me. So next time I'll add a touch of sugar to her pie crust. Overall very easy and fast to make. My dough was so chilled that when I folded up the edges of my pies it kinda cracked...which explains some of the oozing you see on the baking sheet. --Carissa

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Janice Johnson said...

Something simple you can do to sweeten your dough--and it looks pretty too--is to sprinkle all the tops with white sugare to give it a sparkle.